Test de Inglés Gratuito

Bienvenido a nuestro test de inglés gratuito. Queremos ayudarte a que progreses en tu nivel de inglés, y para ello es importante conocer el punto de partida en el que te encuentras.

Responde a este sencillo cuestionario que te permitirá averiguar qué nivel tienes de inglés realmente y qué pasos debes de dar a partir de ahora.

¡Mucha suerte!

Tony is looking at _______________


Do you like that shop? Yes, I _____________ every week.

James ____________ to play football tomorrow.

When we got to school, we ________ the bell.

When _______________ , give her this book.

____________ lovely food!

His daughter is ____________.

_______________? Yes, I think so.

There are twelve of us, so ____________ get into the car at the same time.

When there’s a public rocket service to the moon, her father has promised _________ her there .

In a shop, ____________ customers.

He’s a good guitarist, but he plays the piano _________ .

She always buys ______________ my birthday.

Your letter __________ two days ago.

Peter Parr is a good friend of mine. You ________ him last year when you were in London.

She looks _______.

Send him to the baker’s _________ the bread.

If you _____ help you, you only have to ask me .

I wish I ________ suggest something more suitable, but this is all we have.

His fax said, “I _________ on the 7th.”

He _______ in her homework.

He was a good runner so he _________ escape from the police.

I would like _______ it again.

He didn’t take the flat because he couldn’t afford the __________ .

He stayed under the water for ten minutes and then he swam to the _______.

We were in the station for at least half an hour, waiting ______ start.

She complimented me __________ my taste in clothes.

We have __________ for a new secretary but we haven’t had any replies yet.

My boss never gives me clear instructions. But you _______ the same problems with yours, too.

¡Mejora tu nivel de Inglés, rápido y gratis!